Every hockey player and coach aspires to become a sponsored athlete one day. Of course, why wouldn’t you after all the long hours of blood, sweat and tears you have put in to enhance your skills. At The Indian Maharadja, being a premium hockey brand in South Africa, we try to identify and nurture premium ambassadors that stand out from their peers. Whilst we value natural athletic ability, the journey towards becoming an ambassador of a leading hockey brand such as The Indian Maharadja requires hard work on and off the field. This is why we value individuals who share our vision to #sticktogether and create a mutually beneficial relationship, that allows individuals to make their dreams become a reality through our Apprenticeship Programme.

The Apprenticeship Programme:

An apprentice represents someone who is learning to fine-tune their skills towards becoming the ultimate hockey player. Anyone can sign up to form part of our Apprenticeship Programme. All our INDIAN MAHARADJA SUPREME ATHLETES and INDIAN MAHARADJA ASSOCIATE ATHLETES all have Apprenticeship Codes that are redeemable on THE INDIAN MAHARADJA HOCKEY WEBSHOP or through accredited retailers. You can use these Apprenticeship Codes to get some discount on your favourite The Indian Maharadja products. Upon purchasing The Indian Maharadja products you need to share your adoration with us on Social Media using the #TheIndianMaharadjaSA hashtag. This will lead you on your journey towards levelling up, which is earmarked for athletes that already use The Indian Maharadja products. Just as you are learning your skills as a up and coming hockey player, we need to learn and understand more about you as an apprentice.

Code: #TheIndianMaharadjaApprentice

The Indian Maharadja First-Class Athlete: 

You have been training hard, have purchased your INDIAN MAHARADJA HOCKEY products and you’ve been posting on Social Media using the #TheIndianMaharadjaSA hashtag. It is now time for you to level up and get recognition for your constant efforts. As a FIRST-CLASS ATHLETE you get 30% off THE INDIAN MAHARADJA HOCKEY products. We select our FIRST-CLASS ATHLETES based on what we see on your social media activity in order to #sticktogether. Your loyalty will be key to us recruiting you to be a FIRST-CLASS ATHLETE. Being a good athlete is no longer enough, we want to see your journey and how we can influence you to influence your followers, and we want to see that you actually use The Indian Maharadja products, so make sure you use #TheIndianMaharadjaFirst-Class when expressing your love for the brand. As a FIRST-CLASS ATHLETE, you are on the path to become an INDIAN MAHARADJA ASSOCIATE ATHLETE. You can achieve this by posting photos of yourself using our products, even by liking our posting or by reposting our cool content on Social Media. You need to show others that at The Indian Maharadja we #sticktogether and prove to us that you are worthy of becoming an INDIAN MAHARADJA ASSOCIATE ATHLETE.

The Indian Maharadja Associate Athlete:

You had become a FIRST-CLASS ATHLETE, you played your part and your content is great. You’ve shown us that we need you and that you deserve to be part of our tribe to create more #TheIndianMaharadjaApprentices. THE INDIAN MAHARADJA ASSOCIATES are rewarded with sponsored product. You no longer need to purchase product, you just need to keep showing your brand loyalty and #sticktogether with The Indian Maharadja. The next step in the Apprenticeship Programme to being an INDIAN MAHARADJA SUPREME ATHLETE is simple. Share your experiences with the world and create more #TheIndianMaharadjaApprentices. Apprenticeship Codes will be assigned to you which we will monitor. In this way, we want to develop our very unique brand image, by sharing your story, passion, and love of our brand.

The Indian Maharadja Supreme Athlete

Your passion has now created an opportunity for you to level up again. From starting out as an INDIAN MAHARADJA APPRENTICE your now ready to become an INDIAN MAHARADJA SUPREME ATHLETE. You are now part of the furniture and social fabric of The Indian Maharadja and we want you to become a permanent part of our tribe. As an INDIAN MAHARADJA SUPREME ATHLETE, you are able to order a defined value of hardware and athleisure from THE INDIAN MAHARADJA HOCKEY WEBSHOP. Your peers will envy you as being part of our luxury lifestyle hockey community. Since you have now fine-tuned your skills, and demonstrated your passion for The Indian Maharadja, there is nobody better to create more INDIAN MAHARADJA APPRECNTICES than a former APPRENTICE themselves.

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